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NEW YORK • May 2015

Rome's Grand Remodeling

The Grand Rome

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The transition to the Grand Rehabilitation & Nursing at Rome this past September was more than just a change in name but rather the first step in a steadfast commitment to enhancing the lives of our guests and their families. Our newly remodeled lobby, created by the talented team at Saje Build, serves both as a stunning entrance to our facility and as a welcome oasis for our guests.

This beautiful new area was created with input from our knowledgeable team members in Rome, and Corporate Director of Facilities Management, Avi Kahn working hand in hand with the design team to minimize any intrusion to our guests. The Grand Healthcare System spared no expense with bringing our vision of a truly magnificent lobby to life, and the spectacular results have been met by rave reviews from guests.

“I love it, it looks like a fancy hotel!” enthused resident Johnny Rufus.

“It is so beautiful. We love the furniture, the lamps, the plants ... it is all beautiful. Gorgeous” added Linda Wing.

Administrator Bruce Gendron noted that the newly overhauled lobby is just a taste of what is yet to come. “We here at the Grand Rome could not be more pleased with the result of our recent lobby renovation,” remarked Gendron. “Both our guests and our staff have expressed their delight at how it has transformed our entrance. This furthers our continued efforts as a company to improve our facility for the mutual enjoyment of our guests and their families.”

Doctors Day

While it wasn't officially approved by Congress until 1990, National Doctors‘ Day has been celebrated on March 30th for the past 82 years, coinciding with the day that anesthesia was first used on a patient in Jefferson, Georgia in 1842.

In keeping with tradition, we honored our esteemed doctors at The Grand with red carnations, giving us an ability to express our appreciation to our top notch team of physicians for their contributions, both to society and to our facilities.


top left: Chittenango Administrator Fred Deck with Nurse Practitioner Jonathan Colino and Director of Social Work Renee MacDonald.

Top center: Dr. Amandeep Singh of Pawling, Top right: Dr. Amit Saxenaof Pawling.

Bottom left: Director of Nursing Candace Spencer, with Dr. Abramovici and Regional Administrator Dan Muskin of Queens.

Bottom center: Dr. Patel of River Valley,

and bottom right: Dr. Win of Queens.

Earth Day

It was all about giving back on Earth Day. Every year on April 22nd is an opportunity to show respect for the beautiful environment and a chance to make our world a cleaner and better place, for us and for generations to come. Staff members at Pawling took to the roads, spending part of their day on Route 22, cleaning bottles and debris from the side of the road.

By the time they finished, the formerly litter-strewn Route 22 was looking its best and it was a great accomplishment our crew initiated. They headed back to The Grand, knowing that their hard work served to beautify the roads, the community and the environment.

National Jelly Bean Day

While its origins may be unknown, April 22nd is also National Jelly Bean Day and whether the designation was established by candy makers or lovers of the small colorful treats, one thing is for sure: Jelly Beans are hard to resist. In honor of National Jelly Bean Day, all of the Grand facilities participated in a competition to recreate The Grand logo exclusively out of jelly beans.

A great opportunity for our guests and staff to work hand in hand, everyone participated enthusiastically in this fun event with anticipation running high as everyone waited breathlessly for the judges to crown the winner.

Congratulations to The Grand at Rome and recreation directors Beth Ernenwein and Kim Johnson whose creative logo was proclaimed the best of the best in what is sure to become an annual event.

National Humor Month

Studies show that laughter is the best medicine and offers a variety of medical and emotional benefits.“In a 2004 paper, Kimata compared watching a humorous or non-humorous film on patients with bronchial asthma and their reaction to known triggers. As expected, watching the funny movie reduced the asthmatic reactions, while the non-funny movie had no effect1”. Could there be a better reason to celebrate April as National Humor Month, focusing on the therapeutic value of joy and laughter?

We invited local comedians from The Comedian Agency to join us at each of our facilities and the results were truly memorable as both guests and staff members enjoyed some wonderful chuckles.

1Kimata H. Effect of viewing a humorous vs. nonhumorous film on bronchial responsiveness in patients with bronchial asthma. Physiol Behav. 2004;81(4):681-684

Humans of The Grand

Jesse Rosenblatt

Meet our newest team member, Corporate Experience Director Jesse Rosenblatt, brought on board to ensure that The Grand lives up to its name in every sense of the word. Jesse is already hard at work implementing our Concierge program and he looks forward to hearing your suggestions and working with each facility to drive the guest experience at The Grand.

What‘s up next for Jesse? Our new Shining Star program, which will give guests the opportunity to make their voices heard by recognizing exemplary Grand staffers. The Program will be the first of many recognition and appreciation programs for The Grand. We are looking forward to celebrating our successes with you.

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